Fine Art Paintings & Commissions

Fine Art Paintings & Commissions

Fine Art Paintings & CommissionsFine Art Paintings & CommissionsFine Art Paintings & Commissions


You have the best ideas!

Whether you travel here to Florida from some other part of the world, or you are planning a trip someplace special you will probably discover a setting that just screams to be painted!  Contact me, share your stories and pictures and we can together create something special.

You really do have the best ideas for a truly personal and unique piece of art!  I can help make your idea a reality that will be a daily reminder of that shared experience in nature with loved ones.

Contact me today to plan your one of a kind commissioned artwork!  Please read the Terms and Conditions for commissioned art below, and then give me a call.

A Special Commission

"Maria, your work on the Sample family tree is just what I was looking for!  My father, Wallace Sample had our original family tree drawn in 1979. In those thirty-nine years since, the drawing has been updated  only  three times.

While I wanted to keep the casual spirit of the original design, I was hoping for a slightly different “spin” on the updated version.  Collaborating with you on this project not only produced a priceless commissioned work  of art, but brought back fond memories of time spent with my extended family.  I have precious recollections of our family gathering and celebrating the milestones of life.

Today our extended family is scattered across nine states.  While we communicate with each other through the wonders of technology, it’s just not the same as meeting together to simply share life itself.   The Sample family tree reminds us that we are like branches on a tree. We may grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.

Thank you Maria!"

~~~Linda C.

Peace, calm, wonder & awe

"Maria draws the viewer into an intimate encounter with the Creator.

With her use of color and light, she invites us to slow down our pace and see the beauty that's all around us.  Her reverence and passion for nature, especially endangered species, gives a voice to that which cannot speak.

With each brush stroke she reminds us to never lose our sense of wonder and awe."

~~~Kim J.

"I kept coming back to this painting of the ocean.  It made me feel so peaceful.  Feelings of calm and peace just washed over me.

I will cherish this painting always."

~~~Gloria L.

Terms & Conditions for Commissions

How to Commission Artwork

Before commissioning work from MTG Studios please read the following information regarding all aspects of the process.

These Terms & Conditions apply to all commissioned works.

***Please note that all artwork (both commissioned and non-commissioned) is copyrighted by Maria Gullberg-McCadden and MTG Studios. Unauthorized use or copying by any means is prohibited unless prior written permission from the artist is obtained. See below #9 for additional copyright details. All rights reserved. ***

1. Requesting a Commission: If you are interested in commissioning a painting from MTG Studios simply give me a call or send me an e-mail. We can set up a time to meet, or (if you are not local) we can schedule a video chat to discuss our next steps.

2. Commissioning the Work/Deposit: At the end of our initial meeting we will decide together whether to move forward or not. If it is decided to move forward, then a non-refundable deposit of $100 will be made to MTG Studios. Once we decide on the details of the commission I will provide a preliminary sketch within 10 days. If compositional changes need to be made to the first sketch, a second sketch may need to be made and presented within the next 10 days. At anytime up to this point either party can decide not to move forward and cancel the commissioning process. Upon mutual acceptance of the proposed painting or drawing, work will begin on the commissioned piece after the contract is signed, and payment (as stated below in #3) has cleared the bank. Terms for completion of commissioned paintings vary based on medium, size, and number of pieces commissioned; this will be detailed in each individual contract. Most paintings and drawings between 16x20” and 24x30” in size will be completed within 60-90 days, barring unforeseen illness or natural disasters (I live in Hurricane country!). Reasonable delays such as these are out of my control and I will make every effort to complete commissions in a timely manner.

3. Payment Terms: Once it is agreed to move forward with a commissioned drawing or painting both the Client and MTG Studios will enter into a legally binding agreement and sign a Contract stating these Terms and Conditions. Two payment options for the price of the work are offered. 1.) 50/50. 50% of the total price of the commission is due at the signing of the Contract; the remaining 50% is due upon completion of the work. 2.) Payment in full when the contract is signed. All deposits and payments must be made in US dollars. Accepted forms of payment include cash, check, debit/credit card, or online through PayPal.

4. Sales Tax Not Included: MTG Studios is located in Florida. According to the Florida Department of Revenue 6% sales tax is charged on the total sale price of goods and services; up to an additional 1% Discretionary Sales Surtax may also apply (rate varies by county, but does not exceed 1%).

5. Cancellation/Refund: If the Client decides to cancel the commission within 5 days of the signed Contract date, a full refund will be made of any money paid (excludes non-refundable deposit). If the Client decides to cancel the commission after this 5-day grace period, the Client will receive a 25% refund of the total commission price. If MTG Studios decides to cancel the commission due to non-payment, insufficient bank funds, or unprofessional behavior on the part of the Client, no refund will be granted. If MTG Studios decides to cancel the commission outside of these reasonable conditions, a full refund will be made to the Client (excludes the non-refundable deposit).

6. Return Policy for Commissioned Artwork: Commissioned artwork involves many steps before the work is completed. Included in the terms and conditions for commissioned work are opportunities to cancel the work. Understanding the nature of commissioned artwork, if for any reason the client wishes to return a commissioned work after taking possession of the work, MTG Studios will accept the return only if the artwork is undamaged. Returns of commissioned work will be treated as a cancellation and a 25% refund of the total commissioned price will be made (excludes non-refundable deposit). Returns will only be accepted within 14 days after taking possession of the work.

7. No Guarantees: Due to the subjective nature of art, MTG Studios makes no guarantees that everyone will be 100% satisfied with the finished work. Understanding the nature of commissioning artwork, the Client accepts this risk. As stated above ( #5), the Client can cancel the commission and receive a refund of 25% of the total commissioned price at any time after the 5-day grace period and the signing of the contract. If the Client is unhappy with the completed work MTG Studios offers two options to resolve the dissatisfaction. 1.) The Client may refuse to take possession of the artwork and receive the partial refund (25%) as stated above, or 2.) The Client may instead choose to have a revision made at an additional cost of $250.

8. Delivery of Artwork: If you are local, your artwork will be delivered personally. An unveiling party among family and friends is encouraged! Every effort will be made to ensure the safe delivery of your commissioned work at a time and place convenient to all. If you are not local and your commissioned work needs to be shipped, the cost of shipping is not included in the price of the artwork. Once payment for the additional shipping cost is received, your work will be mailed through the US Postal Service; tracking and insurance to be included.

9. Copyright Terms: All work produced by MTG Studios is registered under US Copyright Law. All rights are reserved. The artist owns all copyrights on all sketches, preliminary drawings/paintings, and all copyrights of the original completed artwork. The Client’s privacy will be protected by MTG Studios and photocopies of commissioned work will be used for promotional purposes only with the Client’s written consent. MTG Studios will never recreate a commissioned work, but may create works in a similar style and composition as part of their brand. It is illegal for anyone to reproduce, copy or duplicate in part or in whole any visual art or written material produced by MTG Studios and Maria T. Gullberg-McCadden. Any person, group, company, or corporation found in violation of copyright law will be held accountable.

"Ponte Querini, Venice," by MTGullberg, 18x24" oil on canvas, 2017. Private Collection.

"Ponte Querini, Venice," by MTGullberg, 18x24" oil on canvas, 2017. Private Collection.